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Mad Grandad Activities

Here are some word searches, mazes and colouring pictures for Mad Grandad.

Find the words!

Wordsearch – Grandad has dropped some important words into a whole box of letters. Can you help find all the words on the list? To download this wordsearch: Click Here

Help Lenny and Grandad solve these two tricky mazes!

Maze 1 – Lenny and Grandad have got spilt up, so you can help them find each other! To download this maze: Click Here
Maze 2 – Grandad’s got lost again! Help Lenny find him, by downloading the maze: Click Here

Colour in Grandad and Lenny.

Colouring Picture 1 – Lenny and Grandad look surprised! Write a story about what is making them look so shocked! To download and colour in this picture: Click Here
Colouring Picture 2 – Grandad is dancing to the news! To download and colour in this picture: Click Here


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