A Baleful Glance

I was contacted recently by researcher Milagros Torrado, from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, who has been looking into the myth of the evil eye in different cultures. He’d found my book and was interested in getting an Irish viewpoint, particularly as the book was aimed at younger readers.
Balor of the Evil Eye is, of course, Ireland’s most famous wielder of that fearsome weapon, but the idea of being able to curse someone with a look would still have been believed by some in my parent’s generation – it might still be around even now. The interview prompted me to have a look around and see what other cultures had similar myths, and the answer seems to be just about everybody.
You can cast your baleful eye over the full interview here.
I forgot to mention a while ago, that I was also interviewed – in the midst of the chaos of house renovation – by a French sci-fi website called Actus SF, about the release of the Wildenstern Saga in France. You can see that interview (in English) here.