Back To Basics

I was working on an illustration today – a private job – fiddling around with pen, brush, ink and white paint trying to nail down the likenesses of two people’s faces.  It’s a simple black and white pic, but because I change styles a lot, it can take time for me to get back in gear when I’m working on something new. But it felt good to get back to basics – just me and the materials at a drawing desk. Clever image software is all very well, but there’s no feeling like having original artwork under your fingertips.
I had to do it in a bit of  a rush too, as things have been backing up lately. I had to send in a written interview for the Sci-Fi London website (an annual film festival), to go with an article I wrote for them. I had another article to do for Flipside Magazine in the UK. Both were about how to survive at science fiction conventions – aimed at people who would normally run a mile from such things. I’ll put both pieces in the Articles section when I get a chance. I also have to do some editing on two stories tomorrow and hopefully some writing too.
I’ll be starting on the pencil rough of the new Mad Grandad book in the next couple of days. Looking forward to seeing old Grandad again.