Misbehaving in Class

I found out recently that, in the UK, libraries and schools are starting to bring in policies that demand people like me – who go in to do storytelling, talks and drawings – have public liability cover of £5 million. I’m not sure what I could do to a person or property during one of my sessions that would cost £5 million, but apparently it’s possible to get £10 million if I need it. Going to school just doesn’t involve a very high level of risk.
However! It’s a different story in the States.
Here’s a video of a DEA agent giving a talk to schoolchildren about gun safety, holding up an automatic pistol and explaining that he is the only one in the room professional enough to use it. Check out what happens next. I’m amazed he could take a loaded gun into a school in a country where they kind of have an ongoing problem with that kind of thing. I love the reaction when he then asks someone to hand him an assault rifle.
But it seems there’s no shortage of people who want to teach us a thing or two about misusing guns. You know . . . how you can make one stupid mistake (as we’re all inclined to do, from time to time) and someone ends up with a bullet in them. In this case, the guy shoots himself in the leg while trying to show his quick-draw on video . . . while standing about a foot away from the target. There is some foul language, in case you’re not into that kind of thing.
He has put the video online, to teach us all about the dangers of being stupid with a gun. Thanks, Tex.
And to think, some schools in Britain want you to be insured for talking and drawing. Anyone for some red tape?