Showing Signs of Stross

Charles Stross is one of the UK’s leading sci-fi writers, and is also a major computer fanatic (the two often come together). A recent post on his blog talks about the difficulties of making money by publishing online. Halting State CoverThere has been a deluge of feedback, leading to a very interesting discussion about where digital publishing could be going and how us poor hacks are ever supposed to make any money out of it.
In his post, he outlines the problems newspapers have faced and how book publishers – and writers – are now hitting the same wall.
As well as being the type of guy who writes (and talks) with informed passion about anything that lights his fire – especially books – Charles has worked as a tech reviewer for various publications. So he knows his stuff, and his fan-base is littered with like-minded people. If you’re interested in digital publishing, this discussion is a must-read.