The Gods and their Machines

Two worlds. Two different lives.
Divided by hate and violence.
Thrown together by chance.

Chamus's nightmare begins when he survives a massacre. Suicidal assassins from neighbouring Bartokhrin are terrorising his country, Altima. How do you fight someone who isn't afraid of death?

Across the border, Riadni is no ordinary Bartokhrian girl; she dresses like a boy, fights like a boy, spits and rides her horse like a boy. When the Hadram Cassal set up camp on her father's land, she is drawn to these rebels who are prepared to fight - and to die - for Their homeland.

A crash-landing in Bartokhrian territory forces Chamus and Riadni together. They find themselves on the run, hunted by killers, danger and death closing in on them from all sides...

Covers of foreign editions:


American cover of The Gods and their MachinesUS edition


German cover of The Gods and their MachinesGerman edition