The Need for Fear

A young journalist uncovers what might be the world’s biggest conspiracy—if only he can prove it.

For years, Chi Sandwith has written about things like alien abductions, puppet masters, and brainwashing. He’s not a “conspiracy theorist” though—he’s a serious journalist and a seeker of the Truth. When Chi meets a man who claims to be a former secret agent, it looks like evidence of a huge conspiracy has landed right in the reporter’s lap.

But can Chi believe a single word he hears from the professional liar? And why is the old spook so intent on introducing Chi to a woman who could expose the agent’s dark past? Over the course of 1 day, Chi is faced with spies, anarchists, a tough-as-nails policewoman, a highly valuable refrigerator, and a very harsh truth: He is a rank amateur in a world of dangerous professionals...