I Want to Be Shaved

I’ve volunteered to have my head shaved as part of the World Record attempt taking place on the Ray D’Arcy Show, on Today FM. It’s for their Shave or Dye campaign, in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.
Basically, they’re going to line up ten clipper-happy barbers and run a conveyor belt of heads under their blades, in an attempt to set a new world record shaving three hundred heads in one hour.
And one of those heads will be mine.
I have to admit, I’m a little bit nervous. Not of having my head shaved – I’ve had it done before – but more at the reaction of my kids when they see me, particularly our toddler. She might well freak. There’s also the thought of the kids I’m going to see in my school and library sessions over the following few weeks. I know most won’t have seen me before, so they won’t be used to seeing me with hair, but I’ve been told I can look a bit scary with a bald head.
Add to that, the fact that I’ve got a birthmark on the back of my head that’s normally covered by my hair, which looks like a freshly-healed wound. Last time I got my head shaved, I had people for weeks afterwards saying: ‘My God! What happened to your head?! Were you attacked?’
The big shave is happening in Dublin on the morning of Friday the 18th of February, and will be broadcast live on the Ray D’Arcy Show. You can see the details of the whole Shave or Dye campaign, and find out how to take part here.