Nineteenth Century Gothic

I’m listening to Patricia Cornwell’s forensic crime novel, ‘Cause of Death’ on audiobook on my phone at the moment, but I am otherwise on a nineteenth century kick, having recently finished ‘Flashman and the Redskins’, which, like other Flashman books, I read with relish. I’ve also just read the ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ by Washington Irving on my eReader. Sleepy Hollow PosterFor those who don’t know, this short story is the original tale of the headless horseman, and the basis for Tim Burton’s gloriously gothic film ‘Sleepy Hollow’.
My upcoming ebook, ‘The Vile Desire to Scream’, is now written and about to be edited. It’s a novella featuring the Wildenstern family from ‘Ancient Appetites’ and ‘The Wisdom of Dead Men’. It will be available, for free, on this site and blog soon. TWODM Cover-Low ResBut I’m also going back to work on the third Wildenstern novel, ‘Merciless Reason’ in the next couple of weeks (I had started it and got waylaid with a load of other stuff including ‘The-Project-That-Dare-Not-Speak-Its-Name’) and I’m immersing myself once again in those dark and deeply descriptive nineteenth century stories to get in the mood. I’ll be back on Edgar Allan Poe next. Wordy, rather linear in plot at times, but masterful exercises in atmosphere.