Runners, Books and Babies

Despite not having any events since my two laddish sessions in Lucan library last week, I’ve still been struggling to catch up on work. The car’s had to go in for some major work. Thanks to the trucks serving the M3 roadworks, the mutant pot-holes they cause along the back-roads in Meath have torn up no less than five tyres since I moved up here less than three years ago. The broken-up roads have damaged a wheel twice and now the shocks have had to be replaced too. But I love my car and it has served me well over the long miles. I don’t begrudge it the new (expensive) suspension.
But the biggest distraction over the last months has been my baby daughter. My wife, Maedhbh, has scraped together every last day of leave she can to stay at home as long as possible, but our little bundle of joy goes off to the childminder next week for the first time as the missus finally goes back to work. I’ll have less to distract me from work at home, but it’s hard for any parent to hand their baby over to someone else to mind.
Baby Finds BookshelfDespite the fact that she is still only just beginning to crawl (our baby, not Maedhbh) she got in behind one of the armchairs the other day, found the bookshelf and proceeded to demolish it. I hope this interest in books will carry on through her life, but that she will some day learn to put them back on their shelves . . .
We all went to spectate at the Dublin Marathon on bank holiday Monday, as we knew a few people who were running. It turned out to be a perfect day for it, clear but cool. We watched in Phoenix Park (6 miles) and then on Fosters Avenue (21 miles) as people of all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness took on this mammoth run. I walk a lot and run (badly) when I can get my arse in gear, but I found it inspiring to see so many people getting out there, with so many charities represented. Maybe I’ll have a go at it myself some day.Marathon-the 21 Mile Point
My hands were sore and swollen from clapping, and I found the act of shouting support addictive – the runners and walkers are having such a tough time of it, when you cheer on one lot you feel you have to wait and cheer on the next lot . . . and the next lot . . . and the next lot . . .
Congratulations to everyone who took part. Fair play to yiz.