Phone Book

Have you ever wondered about the people who sell you technology? Do you think that, maybe, they have no idea what it’s like to be someone who doesn’t work in the technology industry? Do you think that many instruction manuals are anything but user-friendly? That maybe, the person writing them might not be fully fluent in English (or whatever language you’re reading in)? Have you ever wondered about the gombeens who run the service connecting you to the internet? You know, the ones who tell you that, if you have a problem, you should look for the solution on their website?

This is the kind of instruction manual you’d really like to get with your new phone, and a fantastic way of using a real book to make a gadget more accessible. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s just a project done on spec at the moment, and it’s not something that could be rolled out for every high-tech device (there’s the huge waste of paper, for a start). But I think it would make a great ‘special edition’ present for someone who usually struggles with new technology (more than normal, I mean). Enjoy.