The Evil Eye

Cover of The Evil Eye Release Date: 2009

The Fomorians have bled dry the tribes of the Dey Danann. They take their food and treat their people like slaves. A race of sea demons from Tory Island off the coast of Donegal, the Fomorians are led by Balor of The Evil Eye. The sea demons are savage, dangerous warriors, but it is not their savagery that strikes fear into the hearts of the Dey Danann.

The Irish tribes are not lacking in bravery, but no warrior can withstand the sorcery of Balor’s right eye. His gaze can burn flesh and strip bone. It takes four men to hold him steady when he unleashes the full force of his lethal stare.

But one young man named Lug intends to kill Balor. If he can only get close enough to the sea demon... without being obliterated.

A classic Irish legend, retold for a modern audience.